Legos ~ Building Blocks to Successful Early Reading

Building Reading Skills with Legos

Children love Legos, but they also serve a greater purpose to help with early reading skills!
Do you have children or students who love playing and working with Legos? If so, did you know they are learning while they work through a Lego set? My five-year old daughter received her first Lego set for her birthday, and she wanted to dive right in. BUT, we had to go over some Lego "rules" first. These same rules apply to reading, and this gave us both a great way to start on the right path to reading.

Starting in the Right Place

When I first started working on the set with her, she was only looking at the final product on step 12. I helped her start at the beginning.  This helped her to understand that we need to begin at the beginning of a book for it to make sense.
Building Legos helps children start reading in the right place.

Left to Right Progression

She learned left to right progression.  She kept looking at the right page first until I led her in the right direction. Then she got it!

When reading Lego descriptions, children have to use left to right progression.

Basic Reading Comprehension

She learned to read the pages. She read the pictures to know how many of each piece she needed and where it went.  She did most of this on her own and is quite proud of it.
Early readers have to read Lego books correctly for comprehension and understanding.

Though she wasn't reading any words, she learned some important concepts about reading and print.  Now we are ready to start tackling the words.

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Teaching important early reading skills is one way playing with Legos can help your child with early reading skills!

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