Teaching Word Choice with The Big Snow

What a week we have had here in Virginia! After several years of very little snow, we finally have had some snow the kids can play in. Describing those snow events helps us all better understand what happens, and the authors of The Big Snow use great word choice in the book to help the readers better understand and picture what happens when a big snow does come to the woods.
Authors use words to help readers create a picture. Use books to help students see how word choice matters.

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Virginia Readers' Choice Picture Books for 2020-2021

Picture books are great for reading aloud and helpful for teaching various skills and strategies. These picture books will make lessons more exciting!

I'm over at Virginia is for Teachers with the 2020-2021 Virginia Readers' Choice picture books with some easy ways to use them in your classroom! Pop on over by clicking here or on the picture above! See you there!

Summarizing History with a Different Viewpoint

History has a way of repeating itself, but many times in different ways. In light of what our world has seen in the past few months, the book Let the Children March by Monica Clark-Robinson allows us to see how history handled situations that shaped our world today.
Helping readers summarize and see different perspectives is simple with the book Let the Children March.

I have partnered with my Reading Crew friends to showcase diverse texts and how we can use them in the classroom to enhance instruction. Keep reading to see how I used Let the Children March to enhance history and writing lessons.
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Literacy Games in a Socially Distanced World

As I look around my room, I think, "How am I going to engage my students in a way that is meaningful?" My interventions are extremely hands-on, and I like to incorporate some type of games to make it more interesting. But how will I engage my students when we have to be so socially distanced? 
Using games in the classroom my look different, but there are ways to do it in our socially distanced world.