Robots are Taking Over Book Talk Thursday!

Chapter books make for great summer reads, and these two Virginia Readers' Choice books are perfect reads for students who love robots and finding out more about them.
Two books on the Virginia Readers' Choice lists are similar. These robot stories will have us all thinking about what life is like for those who are different from each of us.

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The two books in today's Book Talk Thursday revolve around two robots living in our own world. Finding out how they become more than just robots makes for some intriguing thoughts and considerations. The Wild Robot and Fuzzy both make readers think about a new world that could one day become our own.

My Awesome Summer Freebie on Book Talk Thursday!

Summer is finally here, and it has arrived with all the summer has to offer. Sunshine, heat, and insects! Lots and lots of insects! So what do we know about these amazing creatures?

Learning about insects' life cycles can be fun and exciting when a praying mantis is involved. With a freebie, this mentor text should be high on any list!

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Today's Book Talk Thursday is the final book on the Virginia Readers' Choice primary list, My Awesome Summer by P. Mantis, written by Paul Meisel is one that will make everyone wonder about the life cycles of the amazing insects around us.

Figurative Language and More with Coyote Moon

Just the other day, my husband came in to warn me that a coyote was walking around in the field behind our house. Normally, I wouldn't be alarmed, but with a dog who likes to run around the yard, there is cause for concern. I am now constantly looking out to see where that coyote might be. It also reminds me of a beautifully written and illustrated Virginia Readers' Choice book by a Virginia author.
Coyotes may be scary to some, but Coyote Moon helps us all understand that they are a part of nature and love their pups like we all do.

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Understanding coyotes can make them less scary for all of us. Coyote Moon by Maria Gianferrari does just that in a beautifully told story of a coyote on the hunt.

Vocabulary Made Simple with Rock, Paper, Scissors

Have you ever played Rock, Paper, Scissors? Did you ever wonder how in the world it ever got started? Now you can find out all about this age old game in a super fun book!
Context clues can be tricky, but they are made fun with this super fun book telling the story of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

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Kids (and adults) love to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. It is a favorite pastime for so many of us, and we always find time to play it. Drew Daywalt has written the legend for all of us in the Virginia Readers' Choice book The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors.