Keeping Check on Feelings with Real MVP Kids

Being a teacher and parent isn't always easy. Kids have problems they have to deal with, and we always have to find ways to help them out. Books make a great way to start conversations with kids about any problems they may have. The Real MVP Kids have some great books to help start and continue those conversations.
The Real MVP Kids series of books helps so many children learn important skills for getting along in the world. These books are perfect for parents and educators!

They have recently released some new books and have some more coming out soon that you are bound to love!
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Virginia Readers' Choice: 5 Easy Classroom Applications

I've been reading a lot this summer! And some of my favorite books have been the picture books showcased. There are so many great ways to use them in any classroom, beginning right away.
Using your state's readers choice books can be super easy if you use these simple tricks! Don't miss out on ways you can use the in your classroom for instruction every day!

I'm over on Virginia is for Teachers today with a post highlighting 5 simple ways to use the Virginia Readers' Choice picture books in your classroom lessons.

You will want to find out more about each book and best ways to use them in your classroom, starting on the first day of school! So, head on over to Virginia is for Teachers now!

Orton-Gillingham in Small Groups: Engaging in SOS

No, the ship isn't sinking, but we also don't want our students to sink when it comes to effective tools for reading and writing. Simultaneous Oral Spelling, SOS for short, helps students learn to read and write in a super effective way. But, how do you make it work in small groups?
Simultaneous Oral Spelling is the keystone to success with Orton-Gillingham instruction. Keep it exciting with these fun ways to engage students in the process.

Jabari Jumps into Book Talk Thursday!

It's pool season! Time all of us to let go and enjoy time at the pool in the hot sun. But what happens when it's your turn to jump off the diving board and get a little scared?
When life has scary moments, we can all be prepared to face those fears. Jabari reminds us of that in this Virginia Readers' Choice selection.

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