All Children are Writers with From Striving to Thriving: Writers

Writing isn't always easy for everyone. As a matter of fact, many people struggle with getting their ideas down on paper. And many teachers have a hard time teaching it to their students. How can we make better writers? This new book from Scholastic will help jump start all students to become writers.
Writing instruction doesn't have to be hard for everyone. Using the ideas in the book From Striving to Thriving Writers, everyone can become a writer!

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Standing Up Against Bullies with the Real MVP Kids

It's National Bully Prevention Month for a few more days, but who needs a month to help children understand how to handle sticky situations with bullies?
The Real MVP Kids can help children understand their feelings, especially when bullies are involved.

The Real MVP Kids make it easy to help children understand ways to help each other when bullies come around with their series S.T.A.N.D series of books.

Orton-Gillingham in Small Groups: Engaging Students All the Time

I love using Orton-Gillingham in my small groups, but it can get boring every day, doing the same thing over and over. How can it become fun and engaging for all students?
Making Orton-Gillingham instruction fun can be a challenge, but these ideas will keep it fresh and fun for all of your students in small groups.

I found that making the lessons more engaging sometimes helped take the mundane out of the lessons. Things like games and other hands-on activities help students get excited about learning and stay engaged. Here are some of my favorite multi-sensory methods to help my students as they learn to read and write.

5 Simple Ways to Use a Dry Erase Calendar in Literacy Instruction

I love a dry erase board just like every other teacher in the world! But what can I do with them that will make everything go smoothly in my interventions?
Many teachers use dry erase boards in their classrooms, but using dry erase calendars for literacy instruction can be life changing!

I never thought that I would have a use for dry erase calendars in my classroom, but these have made learning a little easier and more organized for my learners.