Book Talk Thursday ~ Penguin in Love

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I love reading books that appeal to that time of year.  I ordered a pack of Valentine's Day books from the Scholastic book order a while back, and the book Penguin in Love was in the pack.  I love penguins, so I knew this would be an instant hit!

In the book, Penguin finds what he thinks is a lost mitten in the snow.  He searches for the owner but does not find one. On the other side of the island, his friend Bootsy was knitting cozies which look just like the lost mitten.  Penguin sits down to knit a match for the lost mitten when two puffins fly by.  One is missing his beak cozy and uses the one penguin has knit.  the puffins realize that Penguin needs a mate, so they work to find him one.  They take the yarn from both of their baskets and work it so the penguins have to find each other as they follow their yarn to each other. It's not simple, but the two find each other.

I love how the story flows as the puffins work to help the penguins find each other.  My daughter loved how the pictures of the yarn had little hearts in them, showing that they would find each other.  We used those as a way to predict what would happen in the story.

No matter what, love is in the air this Valentine's Day!  Enjoy it and link up again this week for Book Talk Thursday!  You can use the button below in your post.


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