Book Talk Thursday ~ Shh! We Have a Plan

I am so excited that the 2016-2017 Virginia Readers Choice books have been announced!  That means I can highlight them for book Talk Thursday! This week I am focusing on one of the books that is perfect for teaching problem and solution:  Shh! We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton.

In the book, four friends see a bird they want to catch.  As they creep around to catch it, they continually cannot catch it. One of the friends constantly calls out to the bird, while three others tell him "Shh...We have a plan!"  Finally, the littlest friend comes up with a plan of his own and follows through with it. The other friends are amazed at how he gets the bird to come to him.

The simple pictures tell the story for the reader, who can see the ways the friends are trying to solve a problem.  Children will enjoy reading the simple book and have a simple understanding of the story.

In the end, the friends see a squirrel.  This will be perfect for students to come up with different solutions for catching the squirrel.  I would love to see some of the ideas students could come up with!  I plan to use this with my students as we work on problem and solution!

What have you been reading?  Link up this week to share a good book for Book Talk Thursday.  And tune in next week as I highlight another book from the Virginia Readers Choice list.


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  1. Too funny! When I read the book, I was thinking more along the lines of Point of View. What is the little guy thinking? I really liked this book because it left a lot for the reader to fill in with the illustrations.

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

    1. I hadn't thought about that. Funny how we can use one book for so many skills. My daughter really enjoyed this book last night and had fun figuring out what they would do next. So fun!



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