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Welcome to another week of Book Talk Thursday!  Each week this month, you can link up one or more of your favorite holiday books to share with the blogging world!

The other day I was hanging out in my friend's fourth grade classroom.  She always reads the best books to her classes, and I get to join in the fun many days.  She was getting ready to read the book Who'll Pull Santa's Sleigh Tonight?
Santa is ready to go for Christmas Eve, but the reindeer all have a cold!  What will he do?  The elves came up with an idea, which quickly failed.  Santa decided that they should build a balloon to guide the sleigh.  Of course, that idea was a "bust"!  Mrs. Claus saves the day in end, and Santa is on his way.

The book itself is adorable, and everyone knows Santa can't fly without his reindeer!  After reading the book, the students made their own pictures of what they thought should pull Santa's sleigh.  It was so neat to see their personalities shine through in their drawings.  Here is an example:
This one is of Harry Potter and his friends pulling the sleigh!  How cool is that!  {OK, I have to admit that my son did this one.  I didn't get pictures of theirs because I didn't have my camera.}  Some of the other ideas were a train, dragons, the Death Star, and a pegasus.  I loved it!

Now it is your turn to share a fun holiday book.  Just link up a blog post below.  I would love it if you would link back to this post and use the graphic above.

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