Book Talk Thursday ~ Leelo to the Zoo

I am back after a wonderful Thanksgiving Break for another edition of Book Talk Thursday!

Next week, I am going to make it a linky with some of our favorite Christmas books.  I did this last year, and it was so much fun to see new books!

This week I am sharing another book sent to me to review: Leelo: To the Zoo.
It is a wonderful story about doing the right thing.  In the story Leelo, an angel, comes down to earth to earth to visit his friend Marco.  They go with the class to the zoo and visit the animals.  Some young boys who were not good citizens fed the monkeys when they were not supposed to.  As Leelo and Marco are walking around the zoo, they notice the monkeys are panicking and the baby is lying on the ground.  What happens next makes all of the kids think.

The story is great for children to learn how to follow directions and be good citizens.  They will enjoy the story and the lessons they will learn.

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