Friday Five ~ December 12, 2014

I'm back for Five for Friday, except there is none!  So, I am posting anyway and calling it my Friday Five!  I have had a lot going on, but I kept forgetting to take pictures.  This week I did!

I started out my week with this new addition to our family!  Meet Emmett!

We weren't sure about him because he didn't like Ginny Beth too much, but he has come around.  He is a sweetie!

I have been working on concept of word with my kindergarteners this week.  We are coming along.  They actually used bingo daubers to show how many words were in each line of "Jingle Bells".  Then they found some specific letters in the poem.

I have been working on summarizing with my fourth and fifth graders.  I made these fun foldables for them to use for the "Somebody Wanted But So".  I read the book Christmas Trolls by Jan Brett to them.  One group did what Treva wanted, and the other did what the trolls wanted.  I love how even though they had different perspectives, the summary still told the story.

Ginny Beth has been sick throughout the week.  I stayed home with her on Wednesday.  This is her taking a nap.
Today she had to be picked up from preschool with a fever.  I think it is the flu.  While vacuumming the floor, this is what she did.

There is an awesome bundle on Educents through the 16th of December!  It is 70% off for many great products for first and second graders!  You can't beat the price at $14.99.  My Fast Pitch Game is in the bundle along with so many other great products.  

What has your week been like?

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