Book Talk Thursday ~ Salt in His Shoes

Sorry this is a day late!  Luckily, we are having another snow day!

This week has been wild with a basketball tournament!  My son's team finished #1 in the county, and they are doing well in the tournament.  Last night we had a double header, so I didn't get to finish this post. They won both games, even with one player out for being overheated and one with a nosebleed.  With only 5 players able to play, they pulled it off!  If they win the first game they play tonight, we immediately play another game.  Oh my!  Then it is over!    I will post Five for Friday tomorrow with the outcome of the game. 

But without further adieu...

This week is all about basketball and biographies.  Not only is my son into basketball, but he is enjoying biographies at school right now.  So, I wanted to share a picture biography about one of basketball's legends:  Michael Jordan.  The book Salt in His Shoes: Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream does just that.

Michael's mother tells us the story of Michael when he was young and was picked on while playing basketball.  The older and taller kids thought that he was no good and made it clear to him.  He went home to practice and pray.  His mother secretly put salt in his shoes, hoping it would make him grow taller.  Instead, he did not grow taller, but his hard work at practicing and determination helped him to become a star on the court.  What an amazing story of hard work and determination!  Every child can relate to this story, especially if he or she wants to be the best at something!

Zack is not the best on his team, but because he practices shooting he has become star shooter.  He knows how to set the shot and make it most of the time.  In one of the games, he was the high scorer of the game making 4 shots in the game.  If it would not have been for him, they may have lost that game.  And over the course of the season, he has worked hard to pay attention to the other team and be there on defense.  No more are the days of standing and waiting for something to happen!

What are some ways you help to encourage your students or children to work hard and overcome weaknesses?

Come back tomorrow to see where Zack's team ended up in the tournament!  I will be glad when I don't have to wash his uniform anymore!


  1. You are going to be going to school thru July......................I didn't even realize VA was still having bad sorry

    1. Luckily, we bank days and are already scheduled to get out before Memorial Day. Right now we don't have to worry about it. Hoping they don't take Spring Break, but they are thinking of adding minutes to our days to make it up. I would rather that than have extra days.



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