Five for Fraturday ~ March 8, 2014

All right, so I am a day late with Five for Friday.  No worries!  I still have lots to report!  I am linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.
1.  One word:  BASKETBALL!  That has taken up my every day!  For one week, we were part of a county-wide tournament.  Luckily all of the games were played at our home school, so we only had to drive 5 minutes instead of the possible 30 minutes to go to other schools.  Anyway, you are probably wanting to know who won...

Here is my son with his second place medal!
The team we played were more like a middle school team!  Our guys were mostly fourth graders, so I am proud we made it so far!  Gotta love those boys!

2.  After much thought, I finally decided what to do for Lent.  I grew up in the Lutheran church in a Catholic state, so I have always tried to abide by this tradition.  Most people like to give something up, but I prefer to stretch myself.  In college and for a while after, I listened to Christian music all the time.  Then I stopped.  Not sure why, but I did.  It always put me in a more uplifting mood.  I decided that on my way to and from work, I will listen to Christian music.  The first couple of days I ended up just leaving it on all the time.  It was nice to switch the stations 50 times on my 12 minute drive.  And on XM, there was no jibber jabber from the DJ.  I was in a great mood at work too!

3.  I was so excited on my Monday snow day when I went to the mailbox and got this awesome Thirty-One bag!

I won it from Ms. Winston's Blog, a fellow Virginia blogger!  I am using it for all of my tutoring supplies.  I love that the top zips, keeping everything in place!  Thanks, Jessica!

4.  This has been another crazy week!  Monday we had a snow day.  Tuesday was a two hour delay, so everyone wanted to catch up.  No student groups.  Wednesday was spring picture day.  Every time I went to a classroom, they were taking their pictures.  No student groups, but I was in a couple of class pictures.  Thursday was a normal day, finally!  Friday we had another snow day.  One day we will be back to normal...maybe!

5.  My currently with Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade!  Better late than never!
A little explanations:

Zack has been reading the Harry Potter series, and after he finishes each book, we watch the movies together.  He refuses to watch the movie until he has finished the entire book.  I love listening to him as he remembers details from the book and argues with the movie. 

I am in charge of the yearbook and since no one "needed" me this week, I was able to submit it 4 days early!  Whoohoo!  And since I worked on the yearbook, I put a lot of my real work on hold.  Gotta do it!

My back hurts from working on the yearbook too, so I need a massage.

Yeah, I don't want Sunday to come.  I will be a zombie for two weeks!  Yikes!!

And my answer to the question is "Thunder".  What is my question! 

Hope everyone else is well!  Link up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching and let us know what you did this week!


  1. Guessing Thunder is your favorite NBA team!

  2. Zack's basketball team? I'm with Zack. I argued about the movies when I watched them also. My boys and I had little.... debates as we watched them together.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  3. What you were hearing with the snow? We have something in common, Andrea. We're both Lutheran, and I didn't know it. Our pastor took a call to a Roanoke church. I wonder if you go there? He is awesome!

  4. My answer: Oddly enough, even with snow on the ground, there are vast temperature changes resulting in you hearing thuner OR, you are going to do a book study on Patricia Polacco's book Thundercake.

  5. Congrats on the game!! I was wondering how it all turned out. I love that bag! Such a nice print for the Spring/Summer.
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  6. What you would like to hear? Thunder means spring is that much closer!!

  7. I just got my first Thirty One bag just like that... I'm obsessed!!

  8. Andrea,

    Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world. :) Hmmm....Thunder? I love the sound of thunder and rain, so maybe your question is along those lines? My question is where will my son be going in May? He has joined the Marines..proud and terrified at the same time.

    I am with you on looking forward to a normal day! We were out two days with a 2 hour delay on the third, and parent night on Thursday. Crazy!

    Following you on Bloglovin' now :)

    Flamingos and Butterflies


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