Dropbox ~ A FREE Space to Store Your TPT Goods

Yes, a free space to store all of your Teachers Pay Teachers goods you have gotten from the BIG sale!

Have you heard of Dropbox?  If you haven't, keep reading.

If you have and don't have one, keep reading!

If you have one, comment below and tell everyone how much you love it!
I started using Dropbox last year when I got so tired of carrying around all of my flash drives to and from work.  One of them almost broke, and I had to find a new way to store my files.  A friend of mine told me about Dropbox, so I signed up and installed it!  I have never looked back!

It is a totally free space that stores all of your files securely in cyberspace somewhere.  It also is linked to all of my computers, so when I save a file into it, it is synced to ALL of my computers, phone, and iPad.  So, now I can find all of my files in one handy space!

When I purchase or download a product on TPT at home, I place it in my Dropbox in the folder of my choice and go on to bed.  Then, voila, when I get to work, there it is synced up right on my laptop!  Then, I just print it out and use it!

So, are you convinced?  If so, click {here} or on the picture below to get your free space.  If you use my link, we both get extra space!  And, you can keep earning free space!
Not convinced?  Keep reading!

You can also sync it to your phone and let all of your pictures sync to the Camera Uploads folder and get more free space!  Easy, peasy!

And, did I tell you it is free?!  You earn free space by completing easy tasks and referring your friends.   So, yes, I am trying to get you to sign up with my link, so we can BOTH earn free space.

Plus, it is an easy way to share your freebies and other items with all of our wonderful blog friends and readers.  See, click here or on the picture below to grab a freebie!

Did you see how easy it was to get into my Dropbox?  Did you see that you saw nothing but my shared file?

Now, you are convinced, right?!  Click {here} or on the Dropbox icon below to sign up through my referral link and get some FREE space!
Happy shopping!  Now you have more room to store all of your goodies!

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  1. Lol! Your enthusiasm is wonderful! I agree Dropbox is handy!

  2. After a scary almost lost with my hard drive, I'm a believer! :)

  3. Our district uses Dropbox to share folders of information. For example, there is a 2nd grade Dropbox folder that all the 2nd grade teachers in the district share. There is a Skelly folder that all the staff at our school shares. My grade level teammates created a folder that we use to share things that we make. It's so, so useful! I would definitely recommend Dropbox and it's so easy to signup/use!

    Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)


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