Book Talk Thursday ~ Jimmy Buffett Style and Flash Freebie Day 4

Wow!  That was a long title!  Today is the last Book Talk Thursday with the summer linky!  Don't forget that you can link up through Sunday, August 18 to win that $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble!!  Whoohoo!

This week is all about summer and Jimmy Buffett, one of my all time favorite artists!  {He is a close second to Bon Jovi!}  This weekend I am heading up to Northern Virginia for the fifth time to see him in concert!  I am super excited!!  Here I am last year with my husband, and yes, I am getting my fun foam fins out again this year!

So, it is only fitting to review a fun book written by Jimmy Buffett.The Jolly Mon is a wonderful collaboration of writing by Jimmy and his daughter Savannah.
The story is about a singer who lives on an island and is given a magical guitar.  With the guitar he goes out into the world playing beautiful music to make everyone happy.  He is hijacked by pirates and then rescued by a dolphin.  The dolphin takes him to the island, where he becomes king.  Such a great bedtime story!  My son loved this book when he was younger, especially since he loved pirates!

So, my freebie for today is summer related, since Jimmy Buffett is all things summer!  {Even though our students came back today and summer is over!}  It is my Facebook frenzy freebie from July, my See the Sea Homophones Board Game.  There are two levels of homophones cards in the game that can be played on the gameboard.  Click {here} or on the picture below to snag it and leave some feedback love!  If you downloaded it from the frenzy, now is the perfect time to do that too!

Have fun today while I am running around the school during my first day of work!  And, don't forget to link up again this week with a fun book!  I have really enjoyed this linky all summer and have found some fun new books to read!  Thank you to everyone for linking up!!



  1. Oh. My. Goodness! I'll be at the Jimmy Buffett concert on Saturday too!! :0) My sweet husband got us 7th row seats - yess!! Have a great time!

    1. Oh, how I wish we were in the pavilion! We are on the lawn, where we just have a fun time! Have fun at the concert!!


    2. I have some friends (other teachers) who will be on the lawn. We're going to tailgate first. Where did you get your foam fins? This is my FIRST Buffett concert and I'm SOO excited!!

    3. We will tailgate first and have a lot of the gear ready to go! Someone was handing out the fins in the parking lot last year. My friend snagged them for us. Have fun! You will want to go EVERY year after this!!


  2. We love this book. My husband is a huge Jimmy Buffett fan. I tease him and say both of our kids are named after his kids. We have a Savannah and Delaney.
    Have Fun!

  3. So sad we didn't pick the same concert. Have fun! I actually almost linked up with this book the week we went. Hehe! We bought it for Keagan, and I love it!

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