Book Talk Thursday ~ A Fine, Fine School

School is in full swing now, and I am enjoying my time with the students.  Still it is time for another Book Talk Thursday!

Yesterday was Zack's first day of school, and he was ready to go!  He has his first grade teacher again, who he loves!  AND, both of our neighbors are in his class!  I feel sorry for his teacher!

Now that he is at school, it reminded me of a book I used to always read during the first week of school with my third graders.  A Fine, Fine School is a great book to introduce the importance of learning and play to students.
Sharon Creech does a wonderful job telling the story from the eyes of a young girl who is going to school.  When she arrives at school, the principal talks about how wonderful the school is and how he can make it better.  To make it better, he makes the students come on weekends and holidays.  The young girl wonders how she will ever learn to do every day things like sit in a tree or teach her brother how to swing.

I always talk to my students about how learning in school is important, but learning at home is important too.  So much of life are the little things that we need to know how to do.  We always discuss the things that they learn at home and how those things actually help us to learn in school.  The students wrote about what they wanted to learn at home that would help them to learn at school.

This is a simple activity that helps students understand that learning happens everywhere, and we always have so much to learn.

So, what are some life lessons that help you and your students as you learn?

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  1. I have A Fine Fine School in my back to school book collection. I should get it out and give it a re-read.


    1. Such a great book with such an important message! Hope your students enjoy it!



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