Let's Get Acquainted ~ Advice for New Teachers

I can't believe I only have a little more than two weeks left before school starts!  This has been a super short summer, but I have enjoyed every moment of it with my kids!  I am linking up with Latoya from Flying Into First Grade for her Let's Get Acquainted Linky!  This week's theme is Advice for New Teachers.

Buy a few extra school supplies now while they are really cheap!  The kids seem to eat them!  No joke!  Usually by Christmas I had to ask for more glue sticks and pencils!  Not sure where they all went!

Always find something positive to say about your students, especially to their parents.  One year I had a difficult parent coming in.  During the first week of school, I called his dad to tell of an accomplishment, and I was a "friend" for the year!  Conferences went smoothly and no complaints!

Never listen to other teachers' negativity!  Every year, one teacher always told me about the lowest kids and the meanest kids that I had, instilling fear in me.  I quit listening to her and let my own thoughts and feelings emerge.  Usually those "horrible" kids ended up being some of my favorites.

Find a seasoned teacher in your school to show you the ropes.  When I came in as a long term sub, my grade level partner wanted nothing to do with me.  Ugh!  Then the next year, it was just me and a brand new teacher learning the ropes together.  We made a lot of mistakes but learned so much from them!  I wish I would have had a mentor of some sort!

Make your room a place for you too!  I love Dr. Seuss, so I made those fun colors my theme and even have some great decor for it!  When I had my own big classroom, I made sure that I liked the set up and could live with it.  It made my life so much easier!

And lastly, be flexible!!  As a teacher, your day will change at the drop of a hat!  Just go with the flow and don't stress!  The kids will learn no matter what!  Plus, you will have other teachers (reading specialists, SPED teachers, Speech, etc.) who must meet requirements for seeing some of your students.  Work with them and make a plan now!  They will be your best allies when you need them!

Most of all, enjoy your first year!  It is one you will NEVER forget!

Head on over to Flying Into First Grade to find some more first year teacher tips!


  1. Great advice! Perfect for a new teacher and good reminders for the rest of us!


    Teaching Little Miracles

  2. I get so frustrated when no one steps up to help the new teacher. My mentor was fantastic, but we had a second grade teacher a few years ago that got NO help from her team. I tried to help as much as I could.

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