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I love being a teacher and all that I do in my job!  I have really enjoyed the past year and a half as I have begun my journey as a teacher blogger.  I have met many wonderful people along the way, and many of them have been met through Teaching Blog Traffic School!

When I first started blogging, I kept seeing all kinds of information about Teaching Blog Traffic School and was interested.  But, money was tight, so I did a lot of my own networking on my own. I did meet a lot of wonderful people through linkies and commenting, but I didn't know about some of the "secrets" of teacher blogs.

I joined TBTS about a year after I had been blogging because I had heard so many wonderful things about what was happening there!  Wow!  It has really changed my way of blogging and what I do!  There are many opportunities to learn, not only from the easy to understand videos, but also from the other members.  Because of this, my blog and Facebook followers have grown tremendously!  Plus, my pageviews have jumped up so much! 

Charity is also wonderful at what she does.  When you have a question, she can and will answer it as quickly as possible!  TBTS has really changed my thinking as a blogger and a teacher!  I am more precise with what I do and how I do it on my blog and Facebook. I am actually branching out more and dabbling in Twitter and Google +, two other places that scared me!  I also started my first linky, Book Talk Thursday, which has been a success!

So, if you are considering joining Teaching Blog Traffic School, now is the time!  Summer was a perfect time for me to watch videos and learn from others!  Just click here, on any of the links, or on the picture below to join!
What are you waiting for?  Join the fun of Teaching Blog Traffic School today!


  1. This post came at a great time! I just started on TBTS a couple days ago! So far it has been a good experience, and I am hoping my blog will continue to grow. Thank you for sharing your positive experience!

    Seconds at the Beach

  2. I enjoyed chatting with you the other night, Andrea! I will try to make that a repeat activity! I think that's a good way to meet other bloggers.
    Comprehension Connection

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