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This week has just begun, and it is fun!  I am teaching in many different classrooms to help with the beginning of the year reading assessments.  Today I worked with third grade as we began our class alphabet book.  They are so excited!!

I worked with first grade to create a class book based on the book I Went Walking.  I have never seen them work so hard to make it ever so perfect!  I can't wait until everyone is finished, and I can share it with the class!

With second grade, I read Miss Nelson is Missing and am working on various Thinking Maps.  It was really neat to see them working together to describe Miss Nelson and Miss Swamp.  Tomorrow we compare and contrast them!

Kindergarten doesn't assess until October, so I am still hanging out and then taking students who are still struggling with their sorts.  Some students are still struggling with letter names and sounds.  So, I decided to make some font sorts.  I used various different fonts that are found in books, worksheets, and other school related items.  I also threw in some fun fonts for students to identify.  It includes both lower and upper case letters.  Click on the picture below for a freebie!

The full version includes all 26 letters, each on a separate page for you to choose which letters you would like to focus on.  There are also three sorting mats to sort the letters by 2, 3, or 4.  You can purchase {here} it at my TPT store for half price through Thursday, September 6. 

Then on September 7th, my birthday, I am having a Birthday Weekend Sale with 20% off my entire store!  Whoohoo!!

With all of my fun this week in the classrooms, I will post many other fun ideas.  I will also show off the hard work the students have accomplished with their books and Thinking Maps!

Until next time!

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