Readers' Theater Fluency Practice

Oh my!  Where have I been?  I have had something every night this week!  Zack had two fun filled soccer games, and we had Back to School Night for him.  By the time I get home, I really don't want to look at a computer!  I have gotten hooked on finishing a trilogy of books.  Yes, that one!  Fifty Shades ~ OK, so I have skimmed through a lot of it!  But, I get the general idea.

I am still kind of roaming aimlessly around the school, except in third grade.  The third grade teacher is right across the hall from me in my old classroom, so I feel right at home.  Maybe too much at home!  Anyway, we plan a lot together, since she has no one to plan with.  She is the only third grade teacher with 28 kids in her class.   Whoa!  We decided to do Reader's Theater this week.  I love doing this because it really helps with fluency practice.

 It also helps students to work with inflection and prosody.  One student I worked with last year has grown so much over the summer as reader.  On the first reading, she had so much emphasis in her voice, especially when asking a question.  I love it!

My group of students need a lot of work with basic sight words.  I bought this book while I was doing our clinics (tutoring) while getting my Masters.
Reader's Theater: Sight Words Grades 1-2
It is so simple and easy for students to read, with a lot of repetition.  Students really enjoy doing these plays.  There are even masks the students can makes, as well as sight word cards.  The book also includes a synopsis of each story to help students understand what they are reading.

Her are some pictures of the students practicing.
They LOVED using the microphone from the Dollar Tree to practice!

Elephant with her mask

Practicing on "stage"
Tomorrow we will perform for the rest of the third graders and the principal!  They are super excited that she will be there to see them at their finest!

I am super excited about next week!  Not only is it a four day week, but I will be teaching in many classrooms, so the teachers can get the reading assessments done.  I love doing this and have chosen some fun books to use with the students to help with comprehension and writing.  I will be sharing these ideas (and maybe some freebies) during the week.

This weekend will be super fun!  It will be my fourth time going to see Jimmy Buffett!  It is always a good time, so I can't wait to see all the fun again!!

So, while you are waiting for next week and enjoying a long weekend, go check out Tonya's Treats for Teacher's 500 Follower Mega Giveaway!  It is full of goodies!

So, until next time!

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  1. I plan on using Reader's Theatre this year. I love the idea of a microphone. So cute!

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