My Last Normal Day :(

Today was my last normal day with my students.  The rest of the week is full of testing and then awards ceremonies and Talent Show.  Next week is all Awards assemblies and slide show and all two-hour early dismissals.

So today, I had my students make their summer reading envelopes.  They just took a standard manila envelope and decorated it.  They personally put everything in it, which I hope will help them remember to do it over the summer.  I can't wait until next year to see who returns them and then have a "party"!

It is bittersweet just knowing that the end is here.  I am going to miss these guys over the summer, but I know that I will see most of them next year in some capacity.

So, on to a happier note ~ I am linking up with Jacque at Mommy and Me Creations for the Tuesday All About Hoo? Linky.

Here are this week's questions:
1) What are your favorite hobbies?
2) What is one of your best talents?
3) Are you right or left handed?
4) Are you a spontaneous person, or do you like having things more planned out?
And my answers:
1.  I enjoy finding good deals and taking advantage of them.  I also love shopping!!
2.  I am a pretty good dancer, um, well, maybe to the BeeGee's.  I teach reading pretty well too, but that is my job! Does it count?
3.  Right handed
4.  I like things planned out, but I also enjoy being spontaneous.  
So, head over and link up with Jacque!

Mommy and Me Creations

Until next time!


  1. It's so hard to let go. I think today was the first day that I woke up & it really hit me that I only have a little over a week left with my kids. Hang in there! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Good dancer? Umm, whose opinion was that? I remember a few break dancing moves you had way back when. jk
    See you soon!

  3. Shopping is a lot of fun!! :) Thanks for linking up!!



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