And the Award Goes To ...

Over a week ago, I received the "One Lovely Blog" Award from Jessica at Mrs. Stanford's Class and Lisa at Learning is Something to Treasure.  Now it is time for me to pass it on, but the problem is that every blog I go to has received it already.  So, I am just passing it on, even if the blogs have received the award.

After you are given the One Lovely Blog Award:
  1. Follow the blog who give the award to you
  2. Mention that blogger that has given it to you in a blog post
  3. Pass on the award to 15 new blogs
  4. Make a list of the new blogs so others can check them out.
So, here are the 15 blogs. 
1.  My dear friend Sarah at Learning is for Superstars
2.  Claire at Live, Laugh, Love, Teach
3.  Ms. M at Teaching to the Test
4.  Andrea at Stepping Into First Grade
5. Jess at From Blood to Books
6.  Maureen at The First Grade Splash
7. Natalie at Teachery Tidbits
8.  Tammy at Teacher Tam's Educational Adventures
9.  Mrs. McKown at Little Literacy Learners
10.  Sandra at Literacy Minute
11. April at Chalk Talk
12. Michelle at Apples and ABCs 
13.  Marlana at Lil' Country Kindergarten
14. Teri at A Cupcake for the Teacher
15.  Christy and Tammy at Fluttering Through First Grade

There are so many more, and I know that many of these have received this award, but it sure does not hurt to get it more than once! Go check these wonderful blogs out!

I have tested ALL day with 10 minutes for lunch!  I actually ran out of things to do.  I guess I will bring my nook tomorrow and Friday!

Until next time!

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