Counting Words Freebie!

Today was probably the craziest testing day so far!  In the middle of our state tests, a bird flew into the transformer, and BOOM, the power was out!  Luckily we have a generator, but that means less lights and no server.  The tests are online, so the kids could not submit them.  Luckily most of the kids were able to finish them.  We submitted them after lunch and survived. 

Since we had no internet, I worked on creating a Counting Words board.  This is an activity I use with my kinders at the beginning of the year to help with phonological awareness.  It is pretty simple.  The students listen to the sentences and then move their tiles or counter or goldfish or whatever you want to use to show each word in the sentence.  They then listen to the sentence again to check their work.

So, I used some backgrounds from The 3AM Teacher to create these and posted them in my TPT store for FREE!  Click on the picture below to download it for next year and pass it on!

Only 3 more days, and they are 2 hour early dismissals!  I have been working on cleaning out my closet from the Reading Specialist before me.  There is a lot of stuff to PURGE!  I am loving it!!!  I do give a lot of it away, but some just goes in the trash.  Today I found a bag of pennies!  Nope, I didn't give those away!  I wonder what I will find next week!

Until next time!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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