I Couldn't Live Without...

So many things!  My job this year is so different from being in the classroom, and I have found so many DiFfErEnT resources that I cannot live without.  Here are my top five!

1.  The teachers in our school!  They have been so flexible and have helped me out this year, understanding different grade levels and their needs.  Some of them I have worked with for my full 15 years here, others, this was our first year together.  They are my family and my rock at work!  Thanks!

2.  My Teaching Tiles set!  There are six sets of everything, so I have plenty to use with my little groups who need so much phonics instructions.  This set comes with all letters and word families, as well as blends and digraphs.  Love, love, love this!
3.  Hubbard's Cupboard ~ I LOVE the free sight word readers that she has here.  The students love them too!

4.  My alligator claw pointer!!  This is actually a back scratcher, but I bought it on a trip to Louisiana in the French Market several years ago to use with a group of third grade boys who needed some motivation. Those boys were in sixth grade this year!   I have loved it ever since!  Now the kindergarten and first graders can't get enough of it!
5.  My 10 ipads ~  I have filled these up with 325 apps the kids can use to learn.  The whole school can use them, but they usually just sit in my closet.  So, you know who ends up with them.  It is too bad our county can't deal with them like Apple wants them to, so they are going to wipe them clean this summer.   I have already cried my little eyes out over that one.  Oh well, I guess it was good while I had them!
 I have really enjoyed reading what everyone else can't live without at Teacher Idea Factory's Linky Party!  Go check it out!
Until next time!


  1. Andrea . . . thank you so much for joining in the party! My friend and I were just talking about how we would kill to have iPads in our classrooms. What a great resource. Have a wonderful evening! Thanks again :)

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  2. ok, Hubbards Cupboard was the first teacher website that I ever started looking at! I love it too!
    Apples and ABC's

  3. I agree with you and Michelle, Hubbards Cupboard was one of my favorite websites. I still use many of the ideas I learned from their. Great list.



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