The Best Day of the Year!

Some teachers may say the first day of school is the best day, while others say theirs is the last.  Still others say it is somewhere in between.  At our school the Thursday before Memorial Day is the best day of the year. 

Every year the Run for the Wall motorcycle "caravan" rides through Montvale and stops at our school for lunch and a program.  It started out as just everyone riding by and we were waving on the side of the road.  The first year we invited them in, there were about 300 motorcyclists.  Today we had over 700!  Yes, 700!!  We feed them lunch, invite them into classrooms to eat, and the students perform patriotic songs for them.  It is emotional to see grown men (and women) who fought in wars cry because the students and adults show them so much respect and love.  Check out the pictures to see what our day is like!
Me with my aide Karen

Melanie patiently waiting

The lunch line

Signing names to the "Wall"

We started in 2004; some people have come every year since then!

Ready to depart

Driving down the highway

Super Teachers on the roof of the school!  (These are just the "brave" ones!)
So, that was my day in a nutshell.  I had plenty more pictures to post, but not a lot more room!  Tomorrow is field day!  Then I get a three day weekend before getting back to testing.  Only 8 more days left!

Until next time!


  1. Wow that is really cool that it has turned into such a big event!! I'm right behind you...I have 10 days left! Hang in there!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure


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