Journey to The Kingdom of Oceana for Book Talk Thursday

The Kingdom of Oceana tells the riveting tale of two brothers in ancient Hawaii as they learn who they are and what they can do.

The Kingdom of Oceana

I'm veering a little off of the Virginia Readers Choice route this week, as I received a book by Mitchell Charles to read and review. I was a little hesitant to read The Kingdom of Oceana when I was sent a free review copy because it is not something I would normally read. I read the first chapter and was hooked. When I finished it, I knew my son would love it too! (Affiliate links provided to fund book purchases.)

Book Summary

The story takes place in the the kingdom of Oceana, Hawaii 500 years ago. In the story Ailani and his brother Nahoa are brother princes who are both vying for the position of king. To receive this honor, they must go through journeys and trails to show who deserves to be the king. Ailani feels he is weaker, and his brother Nahoa deserves the honor more. The story starts out as the brothers have climbed to Waimoku Falls, where they disturbed an ancient relic, full of mystery and darkness. Things in Oceana begin to change drastically!

They travel with their father and Kahuna to Pearl City to meet with King Lako and work on negotiations. While there, they meet Princess Momi and learn many new and dangerous secrets. Through this journey, they also realize each other's true nature. Once secrets are unveiled, Ailani must find ways to break the curse that has been put upon Oceana when the boys found the ancient relic. Filled with adventure, this book keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Classroom Applications

Mitchell Charles has created two different study guides, which can be found on his website. These can be used by teachers to aid in discussion with students. The Humanities study guide focuses on the history of Hawaii, literary devices, and the characters in the story. The Earth Science study guide focuses on the geography of the land.

Charles enriches the book with his descriptive language throughout the book. What I loved about it was that I could see and feel everything as if I was right there! Students can see this throughout the story, which will lead to great discussion.

Full of Hawaiian words, students can learn a lot about the culture through the footnotes and glossary in the book. The words helped me to feel like I was more a part of the story and made it feel authentic.

So, head on over and find out more about this amazing book at the Kingdom of Oceana website or purchase it from Amazon (affiliate link).
The Kingdom of Oceana tells the riveting tale of two brothers in ancient Hawaii as they learn who they are and what they can do.

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