Are You Prepared for Your Best Year Ever?

All good things must come to an end! This summer has been fun-filled and exciting for my family. As I reflect on the rejuvenation of the summer, I am ready for my best year ever! Already my team of teachers and I have mapped out some new curriculum ideas and thought about how we are going to be the change that is needed for our school. We want to empower our students as readers and writers, so they will be ready to tackle the world. We know we can't do it alone, but we are ready!

I return to work on Friday, and I have already created and gathered some items that will help me create a community of readers and writers. Here are some of my favorites for my own classroom. {Stay until the end for a freebie!}

Every classroom needs an alphabet strip. When I couldn't find one that would fit my smaller office space, I created this one that would fit and work for my students and me. Each day we use it in a different way. I have it in two different designs and am working to make some others. I love that it features both long and short vowel sounds for each vowel!

Again in my small space, I don't have room for a word wall. Instead, I created file folder word walls to help my students with their writing. If they need to use it in their own classrooms, they are easily transported from one place to another. These are in two different themes and ready to make!


One of my favorite products to use with my third graders is these Year Round Cloze Paragraphs. These have helped my students use context clues and decode words better than anything I've used. Each page is created with themes for each month, using one paragraph for each week. That is one entire year of cloze paragraphs at your fingertips in only 12 pages! Right away we will start on these as the year begins!

And are you ready for the big games coming up next week? This easy reader will help students understand the history of the Greek games and gain a better understanding for how it all came to be. It also includes an easy to play sight word game, perfect for young readers!

I promised a freebie! This year I am redecorating my classroom in a superhero theme. These posters will find a home on my wall to help motivate all of my students!

This will be my BEST YEAR EVER as I enter my 20th year of teaching! Celebrate all year long in your own best year with your students too!

And head on over to the Teachers Pay Teachers sale August 1st and 2nd, fill your cart and shop til you drop! My entire store will be 20% off, and you can get an extra 10% off with promo code BestYear. Happy last few days {or weeks} of summer! Make this year your best year ever!

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