Book Talk Thursday ~ I Yam a Donkey!

Though I am enjoying my Spring Break this week, I am still excited to bring you another Virginia Readers Choice book for Book Talk Thursday! Today's book is near and dear to me since CeCe Bell wrote it, and she lives right in our area! And she is married to one of my son's favorite authors ~ Tom Angleberger!

I Yam a Donkey! is a silly book with some really bad grammar! In the book, a donkey says "I yam a donkey." to a yam who repeats it to him correctly. When he does, the donkey gets confused, calling the yam a donkey. Written with speech bubbles, the donkey uses the conjugation of "to be" incorrectly, while the yam continuously tells him to say it correctly. His vegetable friends show up, and the yam gives him this lesson:

The book is perfect for helping students understand how to use "to be" correctly while keeping them engaged. My 11 year-old son laughed out loud while reading it because he really understood what was going on. Students will laugh out loud too!

Only a few more picture books to share! Tune in for the next few weeks as I share some more of the Virginia Readers Choice! And feel free to link up any books you enjoy!


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