It's Time for FREE Flocabulary!

Last year, my son was introduced to Flocabulary by his 5th-grade teacher.  Each week the students in her class were introduced to new vocabulary words through songs and activities.  He would go around the house singing the raps and reviewing his words at the same time.

I was excited when I was approached by Flocabulary to enjoy a trial and offer you, my readers, an extended trial period of 75 days!  That's right ~ 75 days to test out Flocabuary with your class. That may get you through the remainder of the school year!

I thought Flocabulary was simply a vocabulary program to help students learn new vocabulary words, but it is so much more!  As I have had time to browse the website and play around, I have found so much more than simply vocabulary.  There are entire sections for all subject areas.

I spent some time exploring the site and found some great videos to use with my students, but since I have been conducting assessments and then snow days, I haven't been able to show them.  My plans were to show my students some different videos.

I love them because they are engaging and fun for the students. Each video has worksheets with the lyrics on them, along with a fill in the blank.  I love the interactive lyrics, where students can learn more about the subject and take notes.  There are also activities and quizzes you can use with your students.  It is definitely engaging for all of the students.

So, what are you waiting for?!  Click on any of the Flocabulary links in this post to start your 75-day free trial!  But make sure you do so before February 29th.  The 75-day free trial expires then!


  1. Its only giving me a trial period until February 25, 2016.

  2. No worries! I have been assured they are working on fixing this issue. You will still have a 75 day trial period, since you clicked through the link above.



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