Book Talk Thursday ~ 100th Day of School

Yesterday was supposed to be our 100th Day of School, but the snow decided to come and keep us out for almost an entire week.  Though we enjoyed the break, now we move our 100th day back a week.  Many of you may be getting ready to celebrate your 100th Day, so I am highlighting a book that would be perfect for the 100th Day!

My daughter picked the book 100 Monsters in My School out at the library and has loved it.  I have enjoyed it as well. (Affiliate links to Amazon help fund this blog.)

In Jane Brain's school of monsters, they have come upon the 100th day.  Jane hates the day because she never has 100 things to share in her school of monsters. All of her monster friends have really unique and fun things to share with the class such as 100 fangs (in bags of 5), 100 howls, 100 cat items (25 at a time).  Do you see the pattern?  The book shows different ways to get to 100 without counting by 1's. Jane comes to school with nothing but is amazed and thankful as her monster friends help her out.

Students will enjoy listening to this book as they practice ways to count to 100.  It can be used with students in many different grade levels as they practice math skills through literacy, one of my favorite things to do!

How will you celebrate the 100th day of school? On Tuesday students all over the school will celebrate through many fun activities. I can't wait to join in the fun!

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