Book Talk Thursday ~ Foxyland

I have had the pleasure of reading a fun new book by Wald Peterson called Welcome to Foxyland: Great Adventures of Little Foxycat.

This book follows the adventures of Foxycat as he gathers the items needed to make his favorite pie.  He begins his day brushing his teeth and learning about germs and bacteria on his teeth from his toothbrush.  Each stop along the way, he learns about where the items come from, stopping at a sawmill, and farm.  Each character has his own personality that comes out as Foxycat talks with them.

I love how this book weaves learning into the story.  At each stop, Foxycat learns how his items come to be and help with the tasks at hand.  As children read the book, they will also learn important details about those places and items as well.

As a teacher, the book would be great for an economics unit. Students could break up into small groups and research each place.  They could then create a presentation and share how it helps people get the items they need.

The fun illustrations and dialogue in the book help the story move along as Foxycat gets what his mother needs.  Children will enjoy it.

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  1. Hi Andrea. I loved reading your post today. This sounds like a lovely book. I would enjoy reading it to my students.


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