Back to School Book Talk Thursday

 I can't believe I have already returned to work!  Next week our kids come back, and I think I am ready.  Here's to another edition of Book Talk Thursday.

This week I am focusing on two fun back to school back to school books.  Clifford and Curious George are both familiar characters to many adults and children.  These two back to school books are perfect for young children.

Everyone loves Clifford!  Clifford's First School Day tells the story of Clifford the puppy as he goes to school with Emily Elizabeth.  Of course, he gets into some trouble, but the class always finds a way to make Clifford have an awesome day.

Another favorite is Curious George.  In Curious George's First Day of School, he goes to school to be Mr. Apple's special helper.  While there, he gets into the paints and makes a big mess.  Of course, he works to clean everything up but continues to make an even bigger mess.  The children also help him get everything back in order.

Children will not only love both Clifford and Curious George, but they will enjoy comparing and contrasting the two characters.  I definitely plan to use these books with some of my groups as we go back to school next week. It will be easy to create a bubble map (or Venn Diagram) to show how the two stories are alike and different, such an important skill for many children.

So, if you are still enjoying your summer, have fun! For those of you returning to school, have a marvelous year!  I am excited to get a new start for 2015-2016!

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  1. Nooo!! I'm in denial that school is starting back. But if I HAD to choose a back to school book, I may go with on I recently discovered: Rufus Goes to School. It's about a pig who really wants to learn how to read! Hope your first days back have been smooth.

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