Book Talk Thursday ~ The School Yearbook

This Book Talk Thursday may be a little different than many of my others.

I have spent the past two and a half weeks proctoring SOL tests here in Virginia.  Now that it is done, I finally can hand out our school yearbooks.  Not because testing is done, but because I finally got them in!  Yeehaw!

This is the one book I can get almost ALL of our students in the school to purchase.  They love it!  Why?!  Because they have reason to love it.  Their pictures and memories are there.  Today I am going to share 5 reasons yearbooks are important.

Students will want to remember these days for the rest of their lives. I put a lot of thought into the pictures I take to put into the yearbook.  I still go back and look at my old yearbooks to remember those fun times.

So many times our students don't have the chance for real social interaction.  They interact over the Internet or phone.  I love watching the students in our school with the yearbooks.  They suddenly start reading together and talk about the things that happened during the school year.  It is truly a blessing to watch them read their yearbooks together.

School pride is something these students will always have.  Looking back at their yearbooks will help them hold that school pride forever.  They will be proud of their accomplishments and the things they did throughout the year.

Whatever it takes to get a book in the hands of reluctant readers!  The students who order the yearbooks don't always want to read at any given time.  But yesterday I saw kids reading the books they had just gotten, and they were reading it together.  The best part of it all was when I got five phone calls from parents of reluctant readers who will send in money for a yearbook!  Yes, those students will have another book in their hands!

Students will have the memories with their yearbooks for many years to come.  But the yearbook also helps them to reflect on the past year.  This reflection allows them to think about what they did throughout the year and see what next year will be like.  They can "meet" their teachers for next year and be prepared for the next year.

Students love their yearbooks and cherish them forever.  The reasons for a yearbook far outweigh the reasons to not have one!  What a great book for any child!

What do your students love about their yearbooks?

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