Book Talk Thursday ~ Each Peach Pear Plum

As I cleaned out my classroom for the close of the school year, I came across many of my favorite books.  Some of them will be highlighted here this summer on Book Talk Thursday.  Here is the first.
I was so excited to find a book that I read to my son a lot, which he enjoyed so much ~ Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allen Ahlberg.

I brought this book home to enjoy with my daughter, who loves nursery rhymes and fairy tales.  The book highlights many different familiar stories and rhymes.  Children can look for the next character as they listen to or read the book.  Each picture helps children predict who they will see next in the book.  Here are some examples.
Do you see the three bears?
Do you see Bo-Peep?
The book has a classic "I spy..." style, which many children enjoy. I find it is great for helping children make basic predictions and think about who they may see next.  This classic makes it fun for younger children to read and enjoy, especially those who love fairy tales and nursery rhymes.  I am sure we will enjoy this one many times this summer and beyond!

So, are you ready for summer?  I am ready to enjoy every minute of it!  The link up will continue throughout the summer.  Don't forget to link up again this week!


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  1. Great choice, Andrea, Each Peach Pear Plum is a favorite of mine! I use it in speech therapy for many of the reasons you talked about. I love repetitive books for my little ones, and this lets kids anticipate and hunt for familiar nursery rhyme characters.It also repeats the initial /p/and final ch phoneme a bunch. I included this one in my list of sound-loaded books (free on TpT). Love it! Lisette (


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