Stop, Swap, and Roll Product Swap #3

It's another link up with Melissa from Jungle Learners for Swap, Drop, and Roll!

I was so excited to be paired up again with Storie from Stories by Storie.
Stories by Storie
We were paired up a couple of years ago to do another product swap, and I really enjoyed her products.  Again, I had fun looking through her store and choosing a fun product to swap, use, and review.

I chose her Take Two Contractions pack chock full of fun activities.  My second graders have been working on contractions lately, so I thought it would be perfect to use.  And it was!

Since my second graders had already been working on contractions, I didn't have to do too much review.  I did use the nifty posters to review them with the kids.  They are so colorful and catchy!

The kids had a great time with the spinner activity.  Since I had 5 students in my group, I gave them each a different page.  They spun the spinner and used the equation to create their contractions.  Here are some examples.

I added a little twist to the sort.  I gave my students three words each. They had to create a sentence with the contraction and then use the actual words from the contraction to rewrite the sentence.  They sorted their words after they wrote and read their sentences.

Storie also included some great worksheet pages to help them review their contractions.  One I used was a fill in the blank, and the other was a multiple choice.

The games in the pack are amazing!  She had lots of matching cards and several ways to use them.  I split my group into two different groups to play the games.  One group played the matching game, and the other played the board game.  We could have also played like Go Fish, but we ran out of time.  This would be perfect for literacy centers, as students can choose how they want to use the cards.

Another game the kids loved was Dominoes.  They had to match up the contraction to the two words to use them.  It was fun to watch them think about how they were going to place their dominoes.

I loved using this and have put it away to use year after year!  My second graders loved it, and I could easily use it with first and third graders who have worked with contractions as well.  Even some of my fourth graders could use this!  It is so versatile and full of fun activities.

If you would like to win a copy of Take Two Contractions, you can enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance.  If you just can't wait, you can grab it on sale!
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And don't forget to head on over to Storie's blog to see which of my products she used and reviewed!


  1. These contraction activities sound like a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing this engaging activity!

  2. What a wonderful post! I am putting this item on my wish list!

  3. Looks amazing!! Glad to be part of this great group!! It's so nice to see you part of this swap Andrea!! :)
    Brinca Into Bilingual!

  4. Thanks for doing such a great job featuring this product!
    Stories by Storie


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