Book Talk Thursday ~ Teapot and the Dragon

I love when I can showcase a brand new book on Book Talk Thursday!

This week, I am showcasing a new book by Nick Jordan called Teapot and the Dragon.

The book is a modern-day fairy tale set in a land called Teapot.  All around it are islands like Lid and Cup and Saucer.  What a fun idea!  The map on the front shows it all.

In the story, Princess Rosehip is bored with being a princess.  On this particular day, she is approached by Prince Spoon of Cup and Saucer and Lord Lid of Lid.  She has no desire to meet with either of them.  Then a dragon comes to Spout Peninsula.   Both men set out to defeat the dragon and win Princess Rosehip's hand in marriage.  Princess Rosehip is devoured by a dragon.  Who will save Princess Rosehip and defeat the dragon?  You will have to read to find out!

I had the privilege of asking Nick Jordan some questions about his book and writing career.  Here are my questions and answers.

1.  What was your inspiration for the book? 

The image of an island shaped like a teapot - everything else sprung from that - Cup, Saucer and Lid and the likely characters to inhabit this quirky archipelago.

2.  How can readers discover more about you and you work? and @teapotions on twitter 

3.  How does your experience as an elementary teacher affect your art and writing? 

My Art has suffered through lack of time. My writing and illustrating began long before I became a teacher. To begin with I wrote play scripts as I was equally as interested in Theatre. In fact ‘Teapot and the Dragon' was first written and produced as a play. I would like to produce it again, professionally. So here’s hoping the book reaches a wide enough audience!  Since beginning teaching I have a good tap into what the age group finds funny. Having said that, I am keen to amuse the adults who are reading to the smaller people.

4.  Who is your favorite children's author or illustrator?  Why? 

Illustrator - Arthur Rackham imagination and style. E H Shepard economy of line and brilliantly instinctive capture of character. 

Author - Lewis Carroll - wild imagination. AA Milne - philosophical and subtly hilarious - (perfectly complemented by EH Shepard’s penmanship)

5.  Is there a plan for any more tales from Teapot and Princess Rosehip? 

Depends on the book’s popularity. I had to cut great swathes out of the play to fashion the book, so there’s plenty to fill another. But there are other ideas and other stories... 

So, take some time and read this new modern-day fairy tale!

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