National Young Readers Day

Many of you may know that this week is National Young Readers Week.  And today is National Young Readers Day!

 So, to celebrate, I am highlighting one of my favorite times of the day ~ bedtime!

Each night I spend time with my children reading various books before bedtime.  This has always been a special time for us as we spend quality time together and foster a love for reading.

Now that my son is 10, I don't spend as much time reading to him, but he reads to himself every night before he goes to bed.  When he was younger, we read Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman many evenings.
It was fun to read the short sentences and laugh at the silly dogs in the book.  We always liked when the girl dog asked the boy dog if he liked her hat.  How funny is that?!

Now that my daughter is at a great age to pick out and enjoy books ~ 3, we read a great variety of books.  She especially loves to read Clifford the Big Red Dog books.  Right now her favorite is Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit.
She loves to see what Clifford is going to do in the books and laughs at what he does as he goes on his visit to his mother.  I love the message of Clifford's books, that no matter who you are, you are perfect!

Of course, we spend time reading in our beds as we snuggle in close together.  It is our special time together that no one can take away!  And a comfortable bed is a must!  A new company, Casper Mattresses, contacted me to write about bedtime stories and write a little bit about their mattresses.  I wish I would have known about them when I bought my new latex mattress.  It is super comfy but was super expensive!  Casper mattresses are a mix of latex and memory foam that conforms to your body for a good night's sleep.  It is shipped directly to your door for free!

Here's to a happy National Young Readers Day!  Enjoy it and read on!

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