Book Talk Thursday ~ Similes

I continue to work with my fourth and fifth graders on using figurative language.  They have had so much fun with this, and I just had to share another book and activity we have done with similes for Book Talk Thursday.

I found the coolest book that I used with my students recently.  It is My Dog Is As Smelly As Dirty Socks: And Other Funny Family Portraits.
In the book, a little girl has drawn a picture of her family for her teacher, but she says it is not really what her family is like.  Throughout the book, she depicts each member of her family by comparing them to various objects and then uses them to create a picture of the family member.  She says her dad is as bouncy as a spring, and her baby brother is as loud as a whistle.

After I read the book to the students, they created their own similes about family members.  Here are their examples.
"fiesty as a snake"
"funny as a clown"
hungry as a pig
hops like a bunny
What a fun book to help students understand similes and their comparisons!  My students really had a fun time with all of them!

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