Book Talk Thursday ~ Would I Trade my Parents?

As I was browsing the library looking for books for Halloween, I came across a book perfect for Book Talk Thursday.

I love finding hidden gems by some of my favorite authors.  I love all of the If You Give a Mouse books by Laura Numeroff, so I was super excited to find another book by her: Would I Trade My Parents?
Have you ever heard your kids say, "But so-and-so's parents do this?" or "Why can't I do that like so-and-so?"  As a child, I did the same thing, even wanting to trade my parents for others, so I could do fun things like my friends did.  In the end, I realized my parents gave me a great childhood with great memories that I still have today.

The young boy in the book tells the reader all about his friends and why they wouldn't trade their parents.  For example, Jason's dad builds houses, even the one they live in, and his mom stays home with his twin sisters and makes blueberry pancakes for breakfast.  He tells about many of his other friends' parents who do things like collect stamps and teach square dancing. 

In the end, he tells about his own parents and realizes that he wouldn't trade them for any others!

This book really helps children understand that all children have different parents with different experiences, but we love them just the same!

I have created a simple freebie to help students reflect on their own parents, whoever they may be.  They can write about their parents and then draw a picture of something they enjoy.  Just click {here} or on the picture below to grab it.
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  1. I love teacher creations that are inspired from a book!

  2. i can imagine some interesting discussions that this book might spark!


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