Book Talk Thursday ~ Cindy Lou and Sammy Too Go to the Mall

Welcome back to another edition of Book Talk Thursday!

Today I had the pleasure of reviewing an adorable chapter book all about a day in the life of a guide dog: Cindy Lou and Sammy Too go to the mall, the adventures of a guide dog team.
So many times we see guide dogs all around, and children want to pet the dogs.  I always wonder too how they go about their everyday business.

This book tells everything from Sammy, the guide dog's perspective.  As Cindy Lou and Sammy walk through the mall, Sammy, the guide dog tells of his adventures.  He knocks over socks and tells about how understanding people are.  I really love the part in the book where he describes getting on and off the escalator, something we don't think about.

The book is perfect for helping children understand the job of a guide dog and how we need to treat them.  It is written in a tone children understand and enjoy!  Children will gain a better understanding of how guide dogs work and go about their everyday lives.

The book was written by Cheryl McNeil Fisher, who travels around the United States speaking to others about "Living with Blindness" and "How My Guide Dog Enhanced my Life".  She wants the world to know about how her guide dog helps with her blindness.

**I received a copy of this book for review on my blog.**

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