Book Talk Thursday ~ My New Teacher and Me

Now that I think most everyone is back in school, I want to share one more back to school book with all of you for Book Talk Thursday.
This summer Al Yankovic came back into the world of parody music with his newest album.  If you haven't heard his song "Word Crimes", check it out here.

But that's not what my book is all about!  When looking for back to school books, I found this fun book by Al Yankovic that made me think about my own students: My New Teacher and Me!
A small part of me misses the beginning of the year in the classroom.  The students have such great summer stories, and by the time I finally get to really work with them, the stories are long forgotten because school is in full swing.

In the book, Billy comes to his first day of school filthy.  His teacher, Mr. Booth, wants to know why, and he gives him a crazy story that no one could believe is true.  While waiting for the bus, he was digging a hole to China (remember doing that?) when he discovered the skull of a dinosaur.  The story continues to go on and on with crazy ideas like cows with two heads and a grandfather who walked on the moon.

This book reminds me of the days of creative writing.  I used to love to do that and had some fun stories to tell, like the snowmen I built in Louisiana!  This book is perfect for helping stretch students' imaginations. It also makes a great springboard for creating their own creative stories.

The book is full of rhyme too, which makes it fun and enjoyable!  Kids of all ages will enjoy it, making it an instant classic for back to school!

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  1. I've seen that book but hadn't checked it out yet. I should've known it would be funny! Thanks for the shout-out and for helping with my giveaway!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late


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