Monday Made It ~ Lined Dry Erase Boards

Back to school time is the perfect time for me to start making things again because I just can't be lazy anymore!  I am linking up with Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics for Monday Made It!
Our school uses the Superkids program for K-2.  The kids have this fancy schmancy "Ice Cream Paper" that costs some outrageous amount, so I don't get any of it for my resource room.  Instead I "borrow" it from the K-2 teachers.  This year instead of borrowing paper, I made dry erase boards with sheets of paper.

Here are my supplies:  paper, report covers, and duct tape.
Wells Fargo bank donated the report covers to us when they cleaned a bunch of stuff out.  They have come in really handy lately!

First, I put the paper into the report cover sleeve.
Then I finished it off with duct tape all around it.
Now it is ready to write on!

I am considering putting duct tape on the bottom too.  What do you think?


  1. Great idea, thank goodness for duct tape. Love it. Check out my Monday made it. I also went a little nuts with duct tape.

  2. I like this idea! I used page protectors last year, but they got junky pretty quickly. This year I splurged when I found sturdier dry erase pockets at Dollar Tree!


  3. I am so excited you shared this. When my dad passed away two years ago, he left his office filled with office supplies, and my mom cleaned it out and sent a bunch of report folders just like this that I could use for the same purpose. So glad to already have the supplies!

  4. LOL, Gotta love that ice cream paper! I do almost the same thing. I trim the edges of my ice cream paper and glue a piece to the front and back of a piece of card stock. Then I laminate it to make it dry erase. It lasts pretty much the whole year (especially if the students are using black markers, the colors don't erase as well). I also use the first grade paper in the middle of the year.


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