Book Talk Thursday ~ Plants vs. Zombies

Well, it is my last week of school, and I have been just doing some last minute fun things with my groups and getting everything together for them for summer reading.  When I walked into the second grade classroom the other day, I was inspired by a book for Book Talk Thursday.

One of the boys was reading a fun looking book: Plants vs. Zombies: The Three Little Pigs Fight Back.  
I asked him if I could borrow the book to read and read it with my group of second graders.  We laughed and still learned a lesson from the book.  In the book, the three pigs have to fight off zombies by planting plants, just like in the game.  It is a silly book, but the kids love it!  I really like how the pigs used teamwork to work together to get rid of the zombies. 

I love finding good books that boys will enjoy, and this book definitely does just that.  The boys will laugh and laugh.  I also think they will enjoy thinking about how the pigs will solve this outrageous problem and work together.

Is this quality literature?  No, but it is a fun book that many children, especially boys, will enjoy reading.

How do you find good books for boys to read?

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