10 Things I Want to Do this Summer Linky

I always have a million things I want to do every summer and never really do those school things, so I am not even going to list them here.  Let's face it, I guess if I don't get them done, I really didn't WANT to do them.  If this list were things I need to do, that would be very different!

Thanks Deanna from Mrs. Jump's Class for this fun linky!
1.  Enjoy Disney!  We are going to Disney World this summer, and I plan to enjoy it!
2.  Enjoy time with my two munchkins.  I love hanging out with them, and I hope it doesn't rain a lot like last summer, so we can enjoy the outside.

3.  Spend time on the lake!  My parents have a place at the lake, and they are there full time now.  I want to take the kids here to have some fun!  There is a great "beach" there, so I can get some rays there too.
Zack and one of his friends on the tube

4.  Super clean the house!  I may not really want to do this, but it needs to be done for me to relax this summer.  Not sure why, but I guess I will!

5.  Save money.  As much as I hate to do it, I want to save money, so I can get the big things I want.  So, staying away from the Dollar Spot at Target is a must!
While everyone my age is still living with mom and dad getting wasted I'm getting ready and preparing  to start living the real life!
6.  Meet up with my Virginia Bloggy Friends!  I have met a few of them, but I want to meet them all!!

7.  Make time with my friends.  I am just going to have to call them more this summer!

8.  Read, read, read!  I just want to read, and I hope the weather cooperates enough to go outside and read. 

9.  Organize my files and clip art.  OK ~ I said no school related, but this isn't totally school related.  My files are a mess!!

10.  And last but not least, enjoy every minute of my summer.  Take it all in and enjoy it!

What about you?  What do you plan to do this summer?  Link up with Deanna and let us all know!


  1. So jealous of everyone going to Disney! Oh well, it will be more fun in a few years when Keagan is a little older. Can't wait for the meet-up!

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  2. I am ridiculously excited about the meet-up. I think I might even bring my sister, the clip-art queen.
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