Five for Friday ~ November 15, 2013

What a week!!  It has been fun but tiring!  Here it is with my Five for Friday hosted by Doodle Bugs Teaching!

1.  Though I can't say that Kindergarten is my favorite group to work with, I am amazed at their progress so far this year!  We have been working on poems to gain concept of word, and this week, some of them have it!  I am shocked!  I had them find the word on the card in their poems and then try to figure out the word.  They did it!  They tracked right to the word that was on the card.  Usually by this time in the year, we are struggling to even track the ABC's!!  Here is the success I have seen!
2.  I spent the day in Richmond attending a super great conference by Dan Mulligan!  He had so many great and useful ideas, some I knew about but others I didn't!  The best part was meeting a VA bloggy friend, Courtney from Polka Dot Lesson Plans!   It was great learning with someone else from my own state!!  And she is super nice with some great ideas to share!
3.  After the conference my friend who went with me and I went shopping at some stores we don't have:  Hobby Lobby and Home Goods.  I got some great finds at Hobby Lobby.  Here they are!
I am going to work on making some "mustaches", as my husband calls them, for my windows.  I did get 18 of the little picks for them.  Lovin' that summer hat for the beach!  And the book is going to be for Zack to put all of his sports pictures in.  They are starting to take over his room!

4.  And, then for some super fun!  I met two wonderful Virginia bloggers at Cheesecake Factory for dinner!

Melissa from Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late and I have become friends through our blogs and share a lot of the same life experiences.  Nikki from Teaching in Progress was super fun to talk with.  If I wouldn't have had a two and a half our drive home, I think I would have stayed all night and talked!  About 1:30 today, I started to feel that lack of sleep!

5.  And tonight is The Mother/Son Amazing Race at my son's school! It is always so much fun, even if we don't win!  Synergizing with so many other students and moms is always so much fun!  I can't believe that next year will be our last year to run it!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great week! I am glad you had the chance to meet up with some fellow bloggers! That is exciting news about your kindergarteners!

    Eclectic Educating

  2. I had such a great time with you at the conference!! I really enjoyed sharing ideas with you and Brittany! :) I hope we can meet up again sometime soon.

  3. Ah man...I didn't know you all were meeting up. I would have loved to come. Hope the conference was fun. Maybe next time.
    Carla@ Comprehension Connection

  4. I have Hobby Lobby where I live, but would LOVE to have a Home Goods. It truly would make my life complete. How fun that you got to meet up with other bloggers!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. Wow, now that we're halfway through the next week, I'm finally making my way over here! I love all of your finds, and the idea of an "amazing race" is really cute! So glad we were able to meet up!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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