Spin the Bottle in First Grade?!

That's right!  You read that correctly!  I love my job because I move from room to room and see so many different things and get many new ideas, and today was no different.

I was in my friend's room for my "push in" today, and she told me she was going to play Spin the Bottle with her first graders!  I said, "Let me go get my phone, so I can get some pictures!"  So, while my group was working, I got these shots of her game.

The game was so simple to set up and play.  She wrote some of their spelling words on some index cards and then used her Diet Coke bottle for the kids to spin.  One student spun the bottle and picked up the word the bottle landed on.  He or she read it aloud to the rest of the group, and they had to spell it on their dry erase boards.  The student who called out the word checked everyone's work.

The best part about it ~ EVERY student was engaged!  Love it!!

This can be played with just about any concept!  Just think about the endless possibilities!  Types of sentences, sentence correction, sight words, math facts, greater than and less than, famous Americans, social studies, and science concepts!  I LoVe this idea and will be using it with my groups.  I might call it something other than Spin the Bottle.

Any ideas for a new name that is not so taboo?  And what would you use this game for in your classroom? 


  1. How about Spin and Spell????? Love this idea! I will definitely be trying it!
    Fun Times in First

  2. How easy and fun is that??!! Love it! I am going to put a link to my Facebook and ask them for help for suggestions too:)
    JD's Rockin' Readers

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I can't wait to hear all of the great ideas!


  3. I like spin and spell too! Or maybe spin and read. Great idea!
    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties


    1. Spin and Read will be fun too! I guess it could be "Spin and..." whatever you need it to be.

      Thanks for the ideas!



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