Book Talk Thursday ~ Fall Mixed Up Freebie

Welcome back to another week of Book Talk Thursday!

I am here with one of my new favorite books for fall!  I walked into the kindergarten classroom the other day and saw this book sitting on one of the tables.
I had been wanting to read it but could not find it anywhere!  So, while they were coming for recess, i read it and have decided that I must have this book!  Until then, I will borrow it from kindergarten!

The young boy in the book gets his months mixed up by saying "Septober' and "Octember", which leads to many other mix-ups in the fall months.  He mixes everything up, including "home runs in football" and "touchdowns in baseball".  I had to read through it several times to  actually catch all of his mix-ups.

This book will be perfect to use with students while studying the seasons as they look and listen for what is wrong and correct the young child in the book.  Just reading the book to kindergarten and first graders and listening to their responses can serve as a formative assessment to check for understanding.

One of the things I have noticed with my struggling readers is that they do not "read for meaning".  They simply look at the first letter of a word and make up a word to go in its place, even if it does not make any sense at all.  One of the lessons for istation is to choose the sentence to match the picture or vice versa.  I really didn't like the sentences and pictures, especially for third and fourth graders. They were really cheesy and way too easy for them to read.  So, next week, I am going to incorporate this lesson with them by reading Fall Mixed Up to them and then having them underline the correct sentence for each picture by completing the page below.  You can grab it as a freebie by clicking here or on the picture below.

I am going to work on making one for each season, so we can continue to practice throughout the year.  What would you like to see for each season as sentences to match?  Leave a comment to let me know!

So, enjoy some caramel pumpkins or toasted maple seeds!
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  1. That book is currently on sale through Scholastic...I just saw it last night if you still want your own copy.

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  2. What a great find! I am seeing the behaviors you mentioned in my struggling readers, so I think I'll get a copy of this book and try it out. Thanks so much for the freebie!!
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