Thursday Book Talk ~ Mr. George Baker and Character

It is that time of the week again ~
This week's book is one that I will use next week with my third graders.  We have been working through many of the lessons at to help them with many aspects of comprehension strategies and skills.  If you have not used, you really should check it out!  It is chock full of FREE resources for Grades K-6.

OK ~ Onto the book review part!

In the first lesson on character, the suggested book is Mr George Baker by Amy Hest.
The book is about a young boy who has befriended an older man who cannot read.  Each day they wait for the bus together to go to school.  Hest does a wonderful job describing Mr. Baker through the young boy's eyes, which lends itself to some great discussion on character.  The boy tells the story in an almost sing-song tone saying things like "That's George, all happy and snappy in the morning."  Children will enjoy the rhythm of the book as they look into the world of a young boy and his much older friend! has a fabulous lesson which reflects on describing the character.  I am going to use it with my third graders to make inferences about the character.  Since the book describes the characters and his actions through the words of a young boy, we will use it to give some good character traits for Mr. George Baker.  I made this graphic organizer to help them get their thoughts together.  I am going to use it to help them make inferences about the character Mr. George Baker.  It can be used for any book with good character details.  Click here or on the picture below to grab this freebie.
I hope this helps you in your reading endeavors!  Enjoy!!

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