Wishing for Snow with a Freebie!

I am still on break, but I am already wishing for some snow days.  I really wanted it to snow this week, so my son could have some time off of school with me.  Unfortunately, it has been cold, but no snow!  Next week will be even warmer, above normal.  That has been the trend for a couple of years now.  I am ready for some good snow to use that new sled Zack got and the snowsuit Ginny Beth is going to grow out of.  I will no longer be prepared for snow because it never comes!!

Since we have no snow, and no snow in the prospects, I am just going to pretend!  I have some super fun games that I have used with my intervention groups. They are called "Snowflake Flurries".  Students quickly read through the cards and keep the cards they know automatically, which are put into the "Snow Pile".  If they get a "Flurry" card, all cards in the "Snow Pile" go back into the pile to be drawn.  There are other variations and endless possibilities for these cards.  Best of all, they are full of snowy fun!

You can grab the bundle for half price through Sunday, January 6!  That is $3 for all five games!  Each game is regularly priced at $2 each, and the Preprimer game is FREE!!!  I have also priced all of the games at half price through Sunday, January 6 at $1 each!!!  Whoohoo!!!  Let it snow!  Click on the picture below to get your bundle.

You can also click on the following links to get the individual games as well!

Another fun thing to do in the snow is to build a snowman. Next week, I will be working with my first graders with my emergent reader and writing activities.  You can grab it at half price through Sunday, January 6, by clicking on the picture below!
Those of you who have snow, please send it our way!  We love to play in it and really need the snow days!!!

I hope those of you who had to return to work this week had a wonderful week back!  As for us who have until Monday, enjoy every minute of what is left of the break!  I know I have!!  I colored and played with Ginny Beth after her nap today.  It was very relaxing and therapeutic!

Until next time!


  1. I love to build snowmen!! amandalawson4@gmail.com

  2. Thanks for adding the extra vocabulary words to the snowman book. Hopefully the kiddos will remember those words when they leave you and come back to me!

    Learning is for Superstars

    1. That was my plan!!!! The more they see it, the better! Enjoy your last days of break!


  3. I love making snow angels. Something about the fresh snow!



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