Boys Like to Read Too!

I have always found it easy to find books for Zack to read ~ until this year!  He does not want to read the typical books he used to like to read.  He has read so many of The Magic Tree House series that he is bored with it.

As a reading specialist, I work with struggling readers, and most of them are boys.  I spend a lot of my time gearing my lessons to boys.  It is true they like nonfiction, but I have to get some fiction in somehow!

So, I am linking up with Courtney from Swimming into Second for her Best Books for Boys Linky Party.
For my younger boys, I like to find stories that are funny.  I usually have to do these as read-alouds because they cannot read the books.  These picture books get boys involved!
The Dumb Bunnies
Dav Pilkey is known for his silly stories, and The Dumb Bunnies takes the cake!  Zack and I used to read this every night and laugh until he cried for weeks!  They are still funny, and now he likes to read it for himself and to Ginny Beth, who doesn't get it yet.
 Skippyjon Jones Skippyjon Jones: The Great Bean Caper
Another great read aloud series is Skppyjon Jones by Judy Schachner.  Skippyjon is a kitty with a wild imagination, something boys definitely can relate to.  He is always running around with Los Chimichangos to save someone from a "bad guy".  The best part, all of these adventures happen in his closet!  There is also an  easy reader for students to read with some help.
I Stink!
Kate and Jim McMullan has written some fun books about vehicles and what they do.  I Stink has a whole section of alphabet pages with garbage.  How cool is that!  They have several others like I'm Dirty about a bulldozer and I'm Mighty about a tugboat.
Hi! Fly Guy
As boys, get into reading by themselves, the Fly Guy series by Tedd Arnold will keep them laughing.  Boys love these because they focus on a boy and his pet fly.  Their adventures are great!  Zack loved the flyswatter book the best!
 Monster Madness
Phonics Comics are also fun for students to read.  They are super easy with lots of sight words and decodable words for students to read.  The second grade boys LOVED it.  Some are out of print, but there are others out there.
 Nate the Great (Nate the Great Series)
Nate the Great is an oldie but a goodie! I can actually use these with my "higher" second graders.  They are written on a first grade level and progress through the series.  Again, one of Zack's favorites.  He read these the summer between first and second grades.  They are full of mystery, and Nate loves pancakes.

Now that Zack is reading on a third grade level, chapter books are important.  I also find this with my "higher" third grade group.  I don't work with a lot of chapter books with my groups because they get too overwhelmed with them and the content since they are getting them with their reading groups.  They love graphic novels at this age, but some are way over their heads.  Here are some books that I have found to catch their interest.
Ninjago Graphic Novels #3: Rise of the Serpentine
The Lego Ninjago graphic novels are pretty new.  Zack got a bunch for Christmas and couldn't put  them down.  Winner!!!
 Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye (Geronimo Stilton Series #1)
Geronimo Stilton is also great for boys.  Who doesn't love adventure?!  Zack's teacher gave him one for Christmas, and he read it the day he got home!  Now it is one of his new faves!

And one last one...
Stink: The Super-Incredible Collection: Books 1-3
Have you met Stink, Judy Moody's brother?  These are great for boys because there is a lot of "gross" humor as boys work together to solve problems.  Very similar to Judy Moody, Stink doesn't disappoint!  Plus it is set in Virginia, so I can tie it into something they know a little about!

Well, I was not going to link up again, but this is near and dear to me as a reading specialist and mom to a boy who doesn't always like to read.  It is definitely all about finding the right books for boys to read.  Motivation is key!

So, what books do you use to get boys to read?  Or do you need some ideas?  Go over to Swimming into Second to find out!  And if you link up, you could win a $25 gift card!

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  1. I just found you through the Books for Boys Linky.

    I forgot to add Fly Guy! I haven't bought any Stink books yet. I do have a book called George Brown Class Clown that your son might like. My Step-Son loved in it 3rd Grade! It's about things like wedgies and we know how much little boys like those! My boys also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Diary of a Fly/Spider/Worm.

    Stop by if you get a chance.
    This Little Piggy Reads Alll the Way Home

  2. You have a great list of books! I forgot about the Skippyjon Jones books. Love them!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. Great books Andrea! Thanks for linking up! My boys love Stink and I love Skippyjon Jones. It's so much fun to read!

    Swimming into Second

  4. I found your blog through the linky and I m your newest follower. I have a bunch of Ninjago books for my boys, but I somehow missed they had graphic novels. Must buy now!!!

    Simply Second

  5. So I'm new to your blog (but I'll be back! Fellow lover of books!). Have you discovered Pete the Cat yet? I also love I STINK. It's just fun to read/say out loud.
    There are some great Star Wars "readers" that our K-2 grade boys love. Well. And superhero ... Batman, Ironman, Spiderman, etc.

  6. I love your post - I too use books with humor to hook the boys into reading! Thanks for all your suggestions.

    Looking From Third to Fourth


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