Number Words Packs Updated and on SALE!

The past two weeks I have lost so much time with my students.  With the cRaZy weather and the testing, I feel like I have not seen much of them at all.  But, I have gotten a lot of work done that would not have gotten done! 

Next week I will spend a great deal of time with my new group of first graders working on number words, especially 11-20.  They have to be able to read them for math, as well as so many other life skills.

I had a Numbers Pack for 0-10 with word cards, chants, game, and a word activity.  I have now added a book with all of the rhymes for students to color, read, and take home!  You can grab that from my TN store for half price ($2.50)through Thursday by clicking here or on the picture below.

Last week I got a request to create a pack for 11-20.  I created the Number Pack with the same activities for numbers 11-20, which is on sale for half price in both my TPT and my TN stores for half price ($2.50) through Thursday.  You can grab it for half price in my TPT store by clicking here or in my TN store by clicking the picture below.

Now for the BIG pack and the best bang for your buck!  You can grab both of these for half price in my TPT and TN stores in one big file!  I have it set for regular price of $8, but it is priced at $4 through Thursday!  Wow!  That is 53 pages of awesome numberness for one low price!  That is less than the regular price of one smaller pack!  Grab it from my TPT store by clicking here or my TN shop by clicking the picture below!

So, what are you waiting for?   Go grab them now while they are inexpensive!

And have you heard about the BIG TPT Big Game Sale?  I will have all of my products for 20% off on Sunday, February 3rd and on Monday, February 4th!  TPT will be offering an additional 10% off on Sunday only.  I am filling my shopping cart now!

Until next time!

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