I Love Fonts! More FREE Fonts!

I love new fonts, and I love making fonts!  This has become a new "hobby". My handwriting in real life is horrible, but making these fonts makes me take my time and really think about what I am doing!

I actually want to go around the school and get everyone to write on my ipad, so I can always have their fonts.  I think that is going to be the one thing I will do this year.  That way they can also use the fonts on their own items they make.  My students thought it was so cool that I had made all of the fonts for my Playful Penguins Unit.

So, today I have two three new fonts for you to use!  The terms are easy:  no credit is required, though it is appreciated with a link to my blog.  I know how hard it is to remember where you get all of these fun fonts, so I wanted to make it easier.  Here they are.  Just click on the pictures to download the fonts.

I hope you enjoy using these.  The Stars Funky has a lot of different funky letters in it.  This would be fun for cover pages!

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  1. Love love love! So cute :) thank you so much for sharing your hard work!

  2. So cute!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! And I agree it is hard to remember where font's come from and I always waste so much time trying to refind them to see who needs to get credit! Thanks again!

    Learn With Leah

  3. Thank you for the free fonts. I can't wait to try them after school this afternoon.

  4. I love fonts too! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to start using them.
    Mrs. Janelle Bush


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