Sentence Building and a Sale!

I totally missed the sale this weekend, so I am having a sale in my TPT store for 20% off now through Halloween!  Stop on by and see what you can grab!!

As I sat through conferences, I realized that students were really struggling with writing sentences for homework.  The parents were the most concerned with sentences like I like dogs.  I like cats.  You get the picture!

I used this wonderful resource from Sara at Miss V's Busy Bees ~ Fall Themed Sentence Builders.  It is very simple to make and use. First I modeled it for the students, and then we proceeded with the activity.  You could hear a pin drop!  Here we are working on our new sentences.

First the students chose three word cards ~  a noun, a verb, and an adjective.    They then had to think of a sentence with at least eight words.  I don't really like to make a limit, but I knew I would get "The black cat laughed." if I did not.  They had to write a rough draft on the back to make sure it would work out.

Then they wrote their new sentences in their BEST handwriting on the other side and drew a picture to show what their sentences said.

Then the best part ~ they colored the pictures!  Kids always love to color, no matter the age!

We talked about it really didn't take that much longer to make a good sentence, and their teacher expected these new types of sentences.  My favorite line of the day was ~ "Can we do this again tomorrow?"  My answer, "Sure!"  BUT I just found out that Sandy has closed our district tomorrow,  so they can hang out at home all day and write sentences all day!  Yeah, right!  I only wish that they would!

So, here is to a day of creating and spending time with Ginny Beth.  Looks like Zack still has school.

Until next time!

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  1. Such a cute activity!! Haha and I forgot about the sale going on too! I'll have to have one soon :)


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