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Jorie and Rufus must return to the land of Cabrynthius in the book Jorie and the Gold Key. Find out why and what they must do!

A while back we went on an adventure with Jorie and Rufus as they entered the world of Cabrynthius to find the magic stones in the book Jorie and the Magic Stones. Now they are back with a gold key to save the underground world from imminent danger. I received Jorie and the Gold Key from A. H. Richardson to read and post my review here on my blog. {Affiliate links provided to fund future book purchases.}

Book Summary

It's summer again, and Jorie and Rufus are ready for another adventure in the Tarn. This time trouble has come since Lord Fodomalk has control of the magic stones. Jorie and Rufus must go back into the Tarn and to Cabrynthius to get them back into the Great Wizard, Grootmonya's possession. But this summer, Rufus has company, Nigel, and unwanted guest has come to stay. 

They decide to all go together into the Tarn, but things aren't as easy as it seems. Nigel is quickly captured by Lord Fodomalk and meets Schrinch. In this time, Nigel spills the beans about the gold key and things go awry. Jorie and Rufus find a blanket that serves many different purposes, including hiding them and flying them places. With this magical blanket comes a great deal of responsibility and danger. 

The quest is not just to retrieve the stones but to get Nigel safely back and help Rufus return in time to go back home. Will they get the stones back to safety AND make it back home? You will have to read to find out!

Reasons for Reading

If you haven't read Jorie and the Magic Stones (affiliate link), you must read that first. It gives the entire background for Jorie and the Gold Key. This beautiful story gives the reader more insight into the magical world under the Tarn. The adventure takes all readers into a new world full of life and excitement. The book is definitely one that readers of all ages will enjoy. I love how the story also shows how courageous young girls can be, no matter the circumstances. This positive message fro young girls will help them see that they can be ready for anything in life.
Jorie and Rufus must return to the land of Cabrynthius in the book Jorie and the Gold Key. Find out why and what they must do!

(I received a free copy of the book from the publisher to review on this blog. All opinions are my own in this honest review.)

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  1. I could see some of my girls loving this! Sounds like a fun fantasy series!


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